Ann Licate, Real Estate Agent

Ann Licate, Real Estate Agent

I have found a home!

I have moved many, many times. Bought and sold homes, changed jobs more than a few times. I think my nomadic life started, as I was a daughter of an Air Force officer, so frequent moves seemed natural. I’ve been in Florida all my adult life, and enjoyed many areas, but feel that Ormond Beach and specifically my neighborhood community of Plantation Bay is the best location. I don’t believe I’ll ever want to leave here! My husband, our three dogs (poodles and a poodle mix) and I find new places to explore and new activities nearly every day that keep us delighted with our decision to live here.

My husband and I moved here seven years ago, when my husband retired. I planned to continue my career in advertising sales. The short version of that story, my husband loves retirement, and we choose the right community– but it was time for me to start a new career. As a real estate agent, I could not be happier! It seems the other work experiences (and life experiences) were providing me the tools needed to become a real estate professional. Plus, I find true joy in working with people who are making changes in their lives. The buyers who need help finding a new home in the area, or those selling their home to start the next chapter, rely on me to smooth the way. I have a special talent of making the process manageable, easy to understand and as stress-free as possible.

I feel lucky and blessed to working at Venture Development Realty which specializes in selling homes in the community I call home.

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